Web Development

My name is Moșteanu Bogdan-Mihai.

I'm an independent full-stack developer from Bucharest, Romania

My most useful collaboration was working with Artgames, where I worked on the Artmark website - a platform for online auctions, and Art Safari - a platform for selling tickets to the Art Safari events.

Now I am an independent contractor, looking for challenging projects.

Passionate about finding solutions to problems you didn't even know you had.

Relevant projects

The list of projects is longer but not all can be mentioned due to NDA or due to the projects not being public yet.
Most of my projects were developed using Laravel and Vue.js.

Webfusion - Development & Devops

  • Implemented error reporting software & integrated microservices like aws s3 & sns
  • Working with a team of ~4 people
  • Maintaining old php5.6 code and migrating some projects to lumen/laravel 8
  • Gained experience with multi tenancy
  • Worked with redis

A10 - Developer

Sentimente - Developer

  • Online dating application
  • Worked in a team of 3-5 people
  • Was responsible for maintaining, bugfixing and adding new features ( Junior Tasks)
  • Gained experience with Symfony and Zend
  • Worked with mongodb

esFields - Developer

  • Highly customizable solution for field data collection
  • Worked in a team of about 5 people
  • Worked on the project since the beginning
  • Was responsible for mostly backend development with small frontend tasks
  • Gained experience with ASP.NET and javascript

Sterling - Personal project

To log in use the placeholder credentials.
  • A restaurant administration system
  • Built with Laravel, Vue.js and Inertia.js and designed using Tailwind.css
  • Responsible for backend development and small frontend tweaks

Aftermath Studio - Personal project

  • Beginner friendly music production software
  • Worked in a two man team, with Aldo Dumitrescu
  • Written in C#, with WPF
  • Highly optimized, can make use of multiple cpu threads
  • Got national and international gold medals at Infomatrix 2016

TrackerPro hiring challenge using Inertia.js.

SChallenge hiring challenge using Laravel Zero.

Lambda project using Spring.